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San Diego,Ca,United States | Jul 04, 2013

About Us: ----- Succession Link is a solution that provides Financial Advisors with a platform for buying and selling financial service practices. It also provides Advisors with access to resources that aide in the transaction process. Succession Link was founded by a group of financial services professionals who have spent their careers working with financial advisors and industry leaders. How it works ----- An Advisor will register as a either a seller or buyer. Once registration is complete, a buyer will be able to search and view details about the practices for sale in the marketplace. A buyer can send an inquiry on a practice they are interested in acquiring through the sites private message system. A seller can list a practice for sale from their dashboard once they complete the registration process. Sellers will not be able to search the marketplace unless they also register as a buyer. A seller can manage communications they receive from potential buyers or choose to have Succession Link manage those communications. There is no cost to sellers. Buyers pay a monthly subscription fee. … Read more