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Mindtree is a global technology consulting and services company headquartered in Bangalore, India, with a presence in over 20 countries. The company provides end-to-end IT services and solutions to clients across a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and travel.

Mindtree's services span the entire technology landscape, from digital transformation to application development and maintenance, infrastructure management, testing, and data analytics. The company's offerings also include artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and cloud services.

Mindtree is committed to sustainability and social responsibility, and has implemented various initiatives to minimize its environmental impact and promote social well-being. The company has also received recognition for its work in gender diversity, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

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Senior Python / Django Developer at Mindtree

Remote: No | Relocation: Yes
Gainesville,Fl,United States | Oct 23, 2013

About Us: ---- The Mindtree USDC, in Gainesville, Florida, is an exceptional combination of people, deep domain expertise, and technology capabilities all in a state-of-the-art facility designed for agile development. We have 28 global offices, a presence in 38 states, and more than 230 customers. If you are interested in custom development and love new projects then this is the spot for you. If you're into Django, AWS, Python, MySQL, Nginx, MongoDB and/or WSGI, and you are often found arguing over whether VIM or Emacs is better... then you'll like it here at the USDC. We currently have an opening for a Python developer. If you have written in any of these languages and/or used any of these tools then we would like to hear from you! We will assist with relocation if you aren't in Gainesville, Florida. Requirements: --- - OS X or Linux CLI - Python - Django - Nginx - Node.js - MongoDB - MySQL - Coffeescript - jQuery - SASS/Compass - Bootstrap - git Please apply if you'd like to join our team at the USDC … Read more


Email: admin@djangojobs.net