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Web Application Developer at Mandrill Media

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Sofia,Bulgaria | Jul 12, 2013

As a web developer for mandrill media it will be your responsibility to plan, conceptualize, implement and test whole website projects or be part of a team jointly realizing complex web technology projects either in-house or for clients. We have ambitious goals with respect to web technology, and therefore expect you to be adaptable and also able to swiftly pick up with advances in computer technology such as new programming languages and techniques as web technology evolves. To this end, you should already be proficient in several programming languages relevant to web technology such as Python or Ruby. Our web application frameworks of choice is Django, therefore prior experience would be a big plus. While frontend programming techniques using JavaScript/JQuery, HTML5 and SASS/CSS3 would be a plus, we do not require you to be knowledgable in that area. As you already know, programming languages and libraries are simple tools for an end, the main attainment in technology mastery lies in the knowledge of the underlying concepts. As such, a college or university degree or several project references which emphasize your … Read more