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IP Street is a legal analytics company that provides patent data and insights to help businesses make informed decisions about their intellectual property strategies.

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Senior Developer (Intellectual Property Data Mining And Visualization) at Ip Street

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Seattle,Wa,United States | Aug 25, 2014

Overview -------- Founded in 2010, IP Street has built the world’s preeminent Intellectual Property (IP) analytics and visualization engine, in conjunction with a nationally recognized IP law firm. Our SaaS product helps corporations and financial analysts quickly and efficiently analyze IP information. We make IP data easy to get, use, and understand! As with any organization, we’ve continued to evaluate new ways to provide value to our clients. We’re evolving into a “SaaS+” model, which pairs our service with expert consultation to assist our clients in assessment and evaluation. Our focus remains on the financial and technology markets. Our technology stack is almost all open-source, with some nifty esoteric search technologies. Most of your work will be in Python and Django, in a Mac-based development environment, deploying to Linux. Other technologies include Postgres, Redis, and Solr. Our client-side code relies on Highcharts and Backbone. This is a “small b” big data firm. But since we’re a scrappy start-up, we don’t have a big firm’s resources. We compensate by hiring senior people who are self-directed, appreciate real-world development trade-offs, and have … Read more


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