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BMAT Music Innovation is a technology company that provides music identification and monitoring services. Our proprietary technology allows us to accurately identify music across a variety of platforms and use cases, including radio, television, streaming, and live events.

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Python Freelance Developer at Bmat Music Innovation

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Barcelona,Spain | Mar 07, 2016

At BMAT we are a team of talented professionals from every corner of the world that are crazy about music and technology! Our dream is to use our systems and services to make the music industry a better place for the artists, agents and users. Working as a SaaS enterprise, we specialise in monitoring music played on the radio, TV and online, in publicity and clubs, by way of data processing and reporting platform. We monitor 4,000 radios and television channels, clubs in five continents, and collaborate with Deezer and Spotify online, among many others; we manage a database of 25 million musical works, which increases on a path of approximately 1,300,000 each month sourced from record labels, digital distributors and others partners. Our clients -more than 60 performing rights organizations worldwide -consider BMAT to be a world leader in music monitoring. Job Summary --- We are looking for a highly creative problem solver developer. The department uses all BMAT's available technologies (including the ones still in the lab) and vast databases to provide tailored solutions to new customer demands. … Read more