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Azure Standard is a natural and organic food distributor that sources products from sustainable farming practices.

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Remote Senior Python Programmer at Azure Standard

Remote: Yes | Relocation: Yes
Dufur,Or,United States | May 12, 2015

#Job Title Senior Python Programmer # Job description Azure Standard is looking for a motivated, experienced Python & Django developer to join our small, agile team. Ship code that matters to real people, across Azure's warehouse management system, ERP, and e-commerce site. The work is diverse, mixing cutting edge technologies (docker, real time browser push, industrial automation) and legacy systems with expert craftsmanship. We are particularly interested in someone who has helped make demonstrable improvements to the quality of larger code bases. This job is open to applicants who would like to work remotely. ## Requirements - Demonstrated ability. - Self-motivation with attention to details. - Ability to work remotely with a team. - Competence with: Linux, Git, Python, Agile methods. ## Desired Additional Experience - Python - Django - AngularJS - DevOps - Docker ## About the company Azure Standard is a (nearly) nationwide distributor of organic / real food. Our vision is to bring greater abundance & health to all. We have been in business for about 30 years, are growing steadily and plan for sustainable growth & … Read more