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Django Web Developer at Midwest Communications Inc.

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Wausau,Wi,United States | Dec 17, 2013

The day to day duties for a Developer revolve around writing backend code that powers new website features. Developers are responsible for writing Python code for interacting with a database as well as programmatically accessing data through APIs provided by a number of third parties to create these new features. We employ designers that primarily focus on markup and styling (HTML and CSS), so while these are essential technologies for a Developer to understand and be able to use, a candidate's programming skills are far important than markup and styling skills. Our software stack utilizes some of the best open source software out there: GNU/Linux, Apache, nginx, gunicorn, postgresql, redis, node.js, and our core application itself, which is written in Django (a MVC Python web framework). While deep knowledge all of these tools is not required, previous experience with MVC web frameworks and/or SQL databases are both pluses and strong object-oriented programming skills in any language is the most important qualification a candidate would possess. Candidates should also have strong analytical and problem solving skills, and the ability to work …Read more


Email: admin@djangojobs.net