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Software Engineer - Robotics, Machine Learning, And Python/Django! at Counsyl

Remote: No | Relocation: Yes
San Francisco,Ca,United States | Apr 23, 2014

**Software is at the heart of Counsyl!** The vast majority of our operations are powered by our own custom-built infrastructure on a Python/Django/Postgres stack, from ordering to lab processing to billing. We’re building new tools, new workflows, and new infrastructure to solve the challenging problems of a technology startup involved with not just bits, but also interconnected physical components like lab robotics and patient samples. Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have a genomics background; solving these problems fundamentally requires software solutions. We’re looking for the best and brightest software engineers — strong generalists with solid CS fundamentals and practical software engineering intuition — to help us scale up genomics to billions of users. Prerequisites: ---- - BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent experience - Strong software engineering fundamentals: design, testing, version control - Significant independent programming experience as demonstrated by a GitHub account, personal web page, or prior experience. We like to see experience with: --- - Python, Django, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS - NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn - Relational database systems, such as PostgreSQL - … Read more