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Senior Django Developer Looking To Build! at Benzinga

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Southfield,Mi,United States | Dec 20, 2013

About Us: ------ At Benzinga, we’ve created our own online marketplace called Marketfy! Financial educators can now create products on our marketplace and we help them reach a mass audience. In just one year, we have over 50 products, and have done over $1M in business... And we’re growing. We’ve got talent, and we need more. Specifically we are looking for a Django Developer. A vendetta against the evil abductors of one’s spouse is compelling, but not necessary for this job. Here’s what you’ve got to know. Skills needed: ----- - Team Player - Willingness to learn - Minimum 3 years commercial experience within the Django framework - Experience on a large project with 2 or more other developers that required multiple web servers. - Knows the ‘D’ is silent - Experience with everything from Django 1.2 to 1.5 as well as MySQL and Postgres backends. Useful additional experience would include work with these programs: Amazon EC2; Redis caching; Celery; Rabbit MQ; Django Social Auth; South; Django Pipeline; Sendgrid; Salesforce. Perks of the job: ----- - Part of a young, …Read more