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Head Of Engineering For Startup at Lifeposts Inc.

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Brooklyn,Ny,United States | Feb 20, 2016

LifePosts, a dynamic new UGC startup launched by experienced entrepreneurs, is seeking someone with strong leadership and coding skills to serve as head of our small engineering team. LifePosts.com is a storytelling platform for families to craft beautiful commemorations for people who have died or celebrations about major life milestones. The beta site went live in February 2016. More info: https://www.lifeposts.com/about/ We are looking for someone to be a leader of the company, directly responsible for all technical aspects (programming, hosting, scaling, security, QA, syndication, ecommerce, mobile) as well as deeply involved in product development and company strategy. This person will be a key player in designing a great service and making sure it is profoundly helpful and exciting to its users. LifePosts is a fast-moving early-stage startup so key personal characteristics would include: sense of humor, collaborative spirit, good communications skills, unflusterable temperament, adaptability, willingness to “roll up their sleeves,” ability to interact directly with business stakeholders, partners, vendors and others. Candidates should be not only good leaders/managers but also should be experienced and skilled in our core programming … Read more


Email: admin@djangojobs.net