Crazy Full-Stack Folk For One-Time Life Opportunity In Asia at Souad

Apr 19, 2016

About the company

SeeChic, E-commerce start-up in Singapore

To put it simply, we are an online retailer specializing in all things eyesight related. We have partnered with some of the best and most recognizable international brands around the world to bring to you an unmatched selection of sunglasses at disruptive prices. We’re not solely focused on sunglasses, no, we’re also a licensed dispenser of prescription contact lenses with a consulting optometrist onboard to ensure the proper handling of all requests that include medical prescriptions.

Job Description

SeeChic is looking for full-stack Django developer to build a totally new version of our backend. We are using Magento’s for the moment, but we’ve already reached its limits. Yes, because we are aiming to become the leader in south east asia! (job is based in Singapore, we can work-out a remote work for a time given but not as a long-term solution)


You will report to the CEO and working very closely with me (product manager/django developer/crazy tech visionaire, never take “it’s not possible” for an answer). And yes, this position is a possibility to become a team leader. In SeeChic, we do not give a title to give a title, you have to earn it. Building from scratch the whole infrastructure in collaboration with me : from the product information management system, to the front-end. Nobody will tell you how to do smth, we are looking for an expert willing to learn and find solutions.



If you are interested, please drop me your resume at and a portfolio, Github or a project you have done in Django!


Work Schedule:




How to Apply

Position is expired. Thanks for your interest.