Junior To Mid-Level Developer at Raw Jam

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Surrey,United Kingdom
Jan 07, 2015

We're looking for a mid-level web developer to join us in our office in Chobham (Woking), developing web apps for our clients. If you get equally excited about the front-end as you do about the back-end, then we want to hear from you ;)

This role will see you supporting our senior developer in delivering projects for our clients. Our team is small, but driven, fun and friendly. We've just started playing table tennis in the office, so if you have skills in that area too - let the best man (or woman) win!

Whilst we are often experimenting with new technologies (AngularJS, Redis etc), Django remains at the core of everything we do. Therefore we'd expect you to have experience in the following:

For extra bonus points, we'll love you even more if you happen to know about:

Salary is £23k-£30k) (depending on experience). Private health care included.

Agencies: Please don't call. If (one day) we need you, we'll be in touch. We will not engage with cold-calling or emailing agencies in any way.


Work Schedule:



£23,000 - £30,000 (depending on experience)

How to Apply

Position is expired. Thanks for your interest.


Email: admin@djangojobs.net