Front End Devops Engineer at APG


Mar 14, 2022

Front End DevOps Engineer

Do you enjoy developing self-service & data science tools? Do you gladly draw inspiration from colleagues who are just as driven as you? And is your drive to contribute to data-driven decision-making based on dashboards? Then we’d like to meet you: but first please read about this vacancy!


Hybride , The Netherlands / Amsterdam

Employment 40-40 hours

Years of experience

5 - 10


Higher professional education / Academic higher education

Salary indication

€ 4389 – 7223

This is going to be your job

APG Asset Management is one of the most prominent asset managers in Europe. With more than €600 billion in assets under management and an active investment policy, APG AM sees itself as a leader in data-based investment. In the past few years APG AM has made substantial investments in attracting and training people to strengthen itself in the areas of digitization and data science.

The Self-Service & Data Science (SS&DS) team consists of ten specialists and is responsible for running and expanding the platforms that enable the investment, risk and operational teams to make applications and investigate data autonomously. Where necessary this team works together with the business teams in a form of co-creation.

To cater to growing demand, the Self-Service and Data Science (SS&DS) team is looking for a front-end DevOps engineer.

What you can expect from working as a front-end DevOps engineer with APG AM/SS&DS

You’ll be working in a multidisciplinary team with a very clear focus, namely digitizing APG AM.

You’ll be working with technology that enables the business teams to work with data in the simplest possible way within the risk frameworks. For the front-end DevOps engineer the focus is on constructing business applications in close cooperation with the APG Asset Management business teams. You’ll need to adapt to the level of knowledge of each particular business team. For example for one particular team you might have to help set up a ‘minimal viable product’ and hand it over to the business team to run, while for a more experienced team you might only have to help now and then with elaborating a particular functionality or optimizing a code. You might also be called upon to build checks for business applications to better assure availability.

The activities of a front-end DevOps engineer consist of:

This is what you offer

The position of front-end DevOps engineer in the Self-Service & Data Science team will suit you best if you’re an all-round IT specialist good at working together with IT specialists from other teams and able to work with the asset management specialists such as portfolio managers, traders and risk managers on business IT solutions. It will therefore be important for you to delve into asset management processes and to be prepared to acquire knowledge of the data needed for investment decisions. It is also important for you to be able to develop software in a structured manner and to undertake data modeling, if necessary with the help of a business solution engineer.

What knowledge and experience do you need as a front-end DevOps engineer?

This is where you'll work

We offer you a competitive salary of maximum €7.220 based on a 40 hours working week and attractive terms of employment with a focus on flexibility.

For pension provider APG, pensions are about people, life and how we live together. Through careful asset management, pension administration, communication and advice, APG wants to help build a decent future in which we share our well-being and prosperity honestly and sustainably. For present and future generations. For today, tomorrow and beyond.

APG is committed to serving 4.7 million people in the Netherlands. That explains the importance we attach to reflecting Dutch society. To that end, APG strives for an inclusive work environment in which everyone can be themselves and their unique qualities are embraced.

Choosing APG means choosing a job in which you contribute to a bright future. Don’t delay, apply today!

More information

More information? Please contact recruiter Mohamed Chaaibi via or Adri Bais, Product Owner SS&DS via, who can tell you more about the specific position.

Do you see a future with APG? Apply (with a Dutch / English cv and cover letter) and show us what motivates you.

This vacancy was published internally and externally at the same time. In case of equal fitness for the position, internal candidates have priority in the selection procedure. We thank you for your understanding.


Work Schedule:



4389-7223 euro

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