Remote Senior Django Developer at Moneyflow A/S

Mar 01, 2022

About Us:

Moneyflow is growing with new products, new customers, new partners and new markets. We are looking for a great developer and architect to support our growth.

We are looking to find an experienced developer - who have been with a team that have succeeded in creating an excellent platform within the past 10 years.

About you:

If you are a Python expert and Django developer that is a huge plus, also we expect you to be:

Plusses also if you have experience in:

Your responsibilities will include:

Our techstack is DigitalOcean, Kubernetes, Docker, Postgresql, Django, Python and HTMX.

Our team consist of 9 friendly developers. We work at the office and from home. You get to choose your own editor (unless it's vi :-)) and your own development environment.

We try to keep things great and simple, which makes it easier to: describe, understand, implement, test and explain.

Most of the usual perks are there, but if you value freedom in your work and a great team, this might be right for YOU. Come and be part of an awesome growth journey - we're looking forward to hearing from you!


Work Schedule:



EUR 60.000-80.000

How to Apply

Position fulfilled. Thanks for your interest.