Invitations: Now your friends bring you Premium profile upgrade!

We proudly announce: Invitations application is live!

What is Invitations application?

We deployed friend invitation application.This application allows you to invite your python django developer friends who is looking for better job opportunities to register an account and create their developer profiles in return you will have your premium developer account upgrades.

Where should I go to use Invitations?

You can use builtin "Invite Friend" button or you can share registration link attached with your reference id.Both options are available in your dashboard.

What is the deal?

  1. If you invite your 5 friends to create their profiles.
  2. Recommend them complete their profiles well, at least score over 50.
  3. You will grant you Premium upgrade for 3 months.

Let's do it!

If your profile score over 50 then invitations application will be available for you and you will be able to see invitations section on the left hand side of your dashboard.

This section contains:

  • Registration url with your reference id.
  • Share button which allows you to invite your friends via different social networks.
  • "Invite Friend" button if you know your friend's email, Djangojobs.Net will send an automatic invitation email to your friend which contains registration url with your reference id if you use this option.

How can I track my invitations?

You will be able to track your invitations from your dashboard after you send your first invitation. You will get an email notification when your friend accepts it.

I want my premium upgrade! Take me to the my dashboard now!

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