A Beginner's Guide to Developer Profiles

Djangojobs.net Developer Profile

Djangojobs.net developer profile is a profile that you can show your python software development skills, expertise, portfolio even the python books that you have read to the recruiters who is looking for candidates like you and want to hire some great python programmers, hackers, ninjas.

It does not matter if you are backend coder or front end software developer or python solution architect, you may have one year experience as a junior developer or senior developer with twenty years experience. We invite you to create your profile. It is flexible enough to demonstrate your information!

Most of the recruiters are using internal applicant tracking system (ATS) here in djangojobs.net which you can quickly see this at "How to Apply" section of each job detail page as shown like below.

How to Apply

Apply with Djangojobs.Net Developer Profile

After you complete your developer profile it will be super easy to track and apply python jobs that you interested in. Indeed only one click will be enough to complete job application.

On the other hand still you can apply jobs without creating your developer profile just fill the application form that we keep as an option at each job detail page. You will quickly see application form after "Interested in this job? Get in touch" section.

Interested in this job? Get in touch

Be aware of that we list applications without profile at bottom of applicants list that we show to recruiters.

We are using generic fields below when listing summary of developer profiles for both recruiters and other developers

First Name*

Last Name*


Years Of Experience

Personal Statement


Profile Score

Let's explain briefly about How they should be?

First Name & Last Name

We think that your profile must have fields that we listed above with (*)


You should fill this as exactly where you are living.

In order to create simple developer profile you only need to fill these 3 information (First Name & Last Name & Location)

Years Of Experience

Some people were asking us about "Years Of Experience" field whether this is for Python Django Development Experience or Total Experience as Software Developer.

The answer is: It should be your total Years Of Experience

Personal Statement

May be the most important field among that we mentioned here. This is the initial tool that you can use to create a first time impression over recruiters. It is your motto and we are showing it as written with big fonts right after your profile picture it in your profile.


This is a link to your profile If you choose to keep your profile private no one can see your profile including recruiters which we do not recommend. It should be public if you don't have any special reason to keep as hidden from others. It is better to Note here. We don't allow search engines to index your informations such as profile details or pdf resumes. As such public visibility is for only effective in sitewide.

Profile Score

Indicates that how much complete your profile is. Profiles with better score are always listed as on top of the lists that we show to recruiters.

We designed it according to weighted average algorithm so if you fill some fields which has more importance you get more scoring points.

So we highly recommend everybody to upload their CVs into their developer profile because pdf resume is the most valuable field in your profile.

Are you ready to build your profile with what you learned now?

Update your Profile and Increase your Profile Score today!